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I’m testing out my green thumb. Wish me luck!

May 1, 2010

I decided that I’m sick of paying for herbs every time I want to incorporate a fresh taste into my cooking. Dried basil leaves just don’t cut it when you want to make an amazing tomato/basil/mozzarella sandwich, which is pretty much the only way that I can eat raw or semi raw tomatoes. They just aren’t one of the flavors I like! It’s a total bummer. They’re such a wonderful food. I can eat them cooked though, in my defense.

Anyway, I’m trying out a little bit of gardening and wanted to have something that can come with us when we make the big move. They had these nifty little tree diddys at Home Depot that I picked up for a little bit too much mulah, and then got the hanging basket for the herbs and the topsy turvy ridiculous contraption for the tomatoes. My mother-in-law, Gwen, has praised the technique of growing tomatoes upside down, although I learned after purchasing my own that she was inventive enough to make hers out of a bag and a bucket with a hole cut in the underside. Good thinking on her part.

I’ve heard that the amount of tomatoes that you can get out of this thing is staggering, which is good. Maybe I’ll be able to get past my hatred of raw tomatoes once they’re grown with my own green thumb.

As for the herbs, I bought a parsley plant and two sweet basil plants and then planted some remaining green onion bulbs that I saved from Billy (He loves those green onion bulbs. He eats them like they’re chips or something. A little bit of salt and down they go. I have to stay a couple feet away from him for at least a couple of hours.) My only concern with the herbs is that I planted them a little too close together. I might have to repot them at some point, and get another hanging basket. We’ll see.

The hanging baskets are really nice. They have a coconut lining and then I put a sponge in the bottom, underneath the soil, so that all the water doesn’t drain out. The lady at the home depot recommended this and I’d say it’s working pretty well.

Hopefully, if all goes well, I’ll be making caprese salads for everyone and making my own tomato sauce from my bounty of roma tomatoes.

Wish me luck!

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