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Chicken Meatballs

July 26, 2010

Every once in awhile, I get ambitious and make a batch of meatballs that I then freeze for future meals. The two or three weeks after that, Billy and I eat like royalty in our own home. Okay, maybe not royalty- we sometimes eat them with the likes of ramen, but they make for a pretty good meal.) They’re the perfect thing to stretch out a meal to make it a bit more substantial. The great thing about meatballs like these is that you can make them with any number of ingredients. I’ve made mine with beef and turkey and mushrooms and even with smartfood fake meats. They’re so versatile when it comes to matching them up with entrees too. If you keep the recipe flavorful but basic, they can go along with anything, from meatball sandwiches to mini burgers, and even to more Asian inspired food. Like I said, they make for a great addition to billy’s favorite method of cooking ramen.

Basically, I’m telling you that it’s just great to have some frozen meatballs in the freezer for use whenever you need them. It doesn’t matter what you make them with. Just make them.

I went to Q Market, bought about 2 lbs of chicken legs and chopped them into chunks, popped them into my mini food processor little bit by bit, and then threw them into my KitchenAid. I added 3 eggs and then probably about a cup of plain breadcrumbs, a couple pinches of salt, and ground black pepper. I balled them up into about 2 inch balls and rubbed olive oil over them and popped them into the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes. If they’re not quite done after that, keep them in for a bit longer. The bottoms should have a nice dark crust on them that tastes totally delicious when you peel them off the pan.

I’ve used these meatballs for several dinners now. One night, Billy made his favorite ramen dish, where he uses only a little bit of water and then adds eggs while the ramen is cooking. Don’t ask me how he does it. It’s an exact science for him that he has perfected over the years. But my contribution of the meatballs were really good with his delicious ramen.

I also added them to my pizza last night and man, was that good.

Just make the damn meatballs and pop ’em in the freezer. You won’t regret it.

They’re frozen here and don’t look as good as when they’re freshly cooked or reheated.

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