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Chicken Meatball Pizza

July 27, 2010

Billy and I were hungry last night after work and he made me a deal. “You make dinner for us, and I’ll put on ‘The Human Centipede.'”

Deal. Despite the fact that “The Human Centipede” was a terribly frightening and disturbing movie, I love watching movies with Billy, and I love cooking, so for me it was a win win situation.

The night before I made that delicious whole wheat pizza dough and stuck it in the fridge for future use. We have some great mozzarella in the fridge, so I just needed to make a quick simple tomato sauce as a base. I had a can of tomato puree in the cabinet, stuck it in a sauce pan (after opening it, of course…I didn’t put the can in the sauce pan, silly), threw in some garlic, salt and pepper and boom. Awesome tomato sauce.

I also had some green peppers in the fridge and the chicken meatballs that I had in the freezer, so I threw those on there, grated the mozzarella on top and stuck it in the oven at 450 for about 10 minutes.

It was really good pizza, although I think next time I make pizza dough, I think I’ll try for a little bit of a thicker crust dough because this was a bit thin for my taste. I’m really happy with it as my first experience making pizza from scratch.

I wish I could say that I enjoyed “The Human Centipede” quite as much. Ah well. At least I got to cook.

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