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Visiting season has begun.

April 16, 2011

From Way Back in March!!

With the visit of Dave brings the oncoming visit season. This isn’t an official season, as you know, and I’m sure that it won’t happen again, but in my mind, it is visiting season. The start of March brought it on. And I’m sure that it won’t stop until well into the summer. I’m not going to let it.

On March 18th we’ll be back for a little less than a week for a wedding which is a very exciting occurrence. Our dear friend Joey is marrying our dear friend Liz. Too exciting.

During April, we might just get lucky and get a visit from Billy’s mom and her boyfriend when they make a trip to Vegas. We might even go to Vegas with them. Neither Billy nor I have been to Vegas, so that would be awesome.

And then in May is ACEN. ACEN is the most wonderful time of the year. Simply said.

The reason I’m writing about this is because I came across some photos of this wonderful indoor picnic that Grace threw almost a year ago, right before I moved out to forever sumer land. Seeing the photos made me so happy for this visiting season because I get to see all the lovely individuals depicted in these pictures from summer past.

I wanted to post the photos from the picnic to share with you and hope for Grace and everyone else who contributed to share the names and ingredients for the little dishes that we devoured at the picnic. I wish we could have picnics like that all the time, but while we can’t do that, I’m going to make do with using this website to share.

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